Daily Prompt: 32 Flavors – Vanilla, chocolate, or something else entirely?

I have to assume this means ice cream. Unless it means not ice cream because Baskin Robins only has 31 flavors and “32 Flavors” is a 90’s song about being pretty yet dark.
I am a huge fan of Maggie Moo’s dark chocolate ice cream. It is the only thing I get when I go there. Does that make me boring? Negative, because I am enjoying myself immensely with my spoon in my mouth and you are sitting there crying into your blue bubblegum ice cream because it doesn’t taste as good as you thought.
The first ice cream I was ever “obsessed” with was a Haagen-Dazs Limited Edition flavor, “Mayan Chocolate.” Believe me, this love and adoration of such an incredible, historically sensitive ice cream did not die when the aforementioned HD discontinued this flavor in 2008 (5 years ago! The memory lives!) Of all years to revive it, 2012 with the coming Mayan apocalypse would have been the one! That is neither here nor there, as Haagen-Dazs did not bring back the dark, rich chocolate cream with a hint of cinnamon and dark fudge swirled throughout. In eulogy, it was not sickly sweet as some ice creams can be because of the subtle depth of the dark chocolate vibrating like a cello around each taste bud. My dream of seeing this product back on the shelves of my local stores (and yes, I still check occasionally to see if it’s there) will never die. Hatsutsil uchben!

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