FF#21 – 15 min – Dreams & Symbols

Several years ago I dreamed that I was in a parking lot with my guy friend.  It was after some rock concert or maybe we were at the grocery store.  The building behind us was huge, so I have no idea.  We were looking for his truck because we couldn’t remember where we’d parked.  Suddenly a HUGE snake slithers into my view from nowhere and starts trying to eat me.  I yelled “NO!” and I ran.  After dodging about the parking lot with this monster on my heels, I jumped into the back of a passing white pickup truck and rode away to safety.  The snake pursued the truck for a while but gave up and slithered away.   I have no idea what happened to my friend.  I think he might have been the driver of the truck or maybe he was with me in the bed of the truck.  I knew that he was safe.

The symbols in this dream are fairly obvious.  Snakes have a long-standing reputation as harbinger of evil or evil itself.  To be pursued by a snake means that evil is coming to me. I refused the evil, I ran from it, and the passing white pickup truck has a saving connotation because the snake could not reach me there.  The truck could be symbolic of saving grace (thinking of the color) and power to save (thinking of the sturdy pick-up) so the truck must have been Christ.  I am not sure where my friend fits in, honestly, but at the time I think I was still crushing on him pretty hard. 

The parking lot itself is another interesting symbol.  Parking lots are sort of quiet, but dangerous places.  My dream dictionary suggests that a parking lot is a mental note to slow down and take a look at my surroundings, and maybe if I had done that I would have seen the evil before it surprised me and chased me down.

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