FF#19 – 15 min – Symbol

Elizabeth’s fingers passed quickly over her tunic, checking that every tuck and fold was in place.  She brushed the hard pewter medallion that hung next to her skin and patted at the leather cord to ensure it was hidden from any curious eyes.  As she continued dressing, her thoughts drifted back to the lazy afternoon she and Xaon had spent in soothing idleness.  He had presented her with the piece, laying it in her palm and closing her cool fingers around it.  It is from my home.  It is the last piece of that place.  I want you to have it.  She could hear his voice in her ear, their fingers together tracing the markings etched into the smooth disc, as he showed her the map hidden among the circles and dots.
“You must be in quite a reverie, my dear.”
She jumped and spun, long braid sweeping behind her. 

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