FF# 18 – 15 min – Fight Scene


Marcus’s right fist slammed into the earthen wall right by Xaon’s head, close enough that the bounty hunter could feel the dirt shift.  He spat angrily, lobbing warm spittle into Marcus’ angry face, which threw the aggressor off-guard enough for Xaon to roll away.   With a roar, Marcus clawed after him, his iron-studded glove nearly whistling through the air as he swiped again.  One blow clipped Xaon’s heel and Xaon fell heavily onto his wounded shoulder while Marcus’s paw embedded itself into the muddy ground.  A groan spread through the downed man but he clenched his teeth and scrambled again to his feet, allowing the narrow walls to help him stand.  As Marcus worked to get free, Xaon landed a kick squarely under his chin, sending his head backwards with a crack and sending Xaon onto his arse.  Breathing hard with the effort, he continued to struggle with the ion binders that held his own arms behind his back.  His attacker now lay quite still, the living black mud of the canyon beginning to suck his massive weight down.  Frustrated, Xaon stood and threw himself against the wall, praying he’d somehow disrupt the ion flow enough to free himself.

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