FF #16 – 15 min – Deus Ex Machina

Attempt 1:
The bounty-hunter’s right trigger finger twitched however slightly against the cool steel of his weapon as he maintained eye contact with the tall ranger before him.  He tried to lick his extremely dry lips with a parched tongue but tasted only the salty sweat that beaded on his stubbly upper lip.  He flicked his eyes to his left to ensure that his wife’s rifle was also trained on their intended target.  It shone steadily in what little light came from dirty windows overhead.   The silence around them was deafening.
“Whatever they’re paying you to take me in, I’ll double it,” the ranger spoke, his calm voice belying the agitation he had to feel.  He had both handguns aimed at Xaon and Elizabeth and his eyes told the story of his panic.   A very faint quiver traveled to the end of his taut arms and both barrels wavered.  His lips moved in silent formation of words and then sealed themselves.
“Double it?”  Xaon rasped, almost chuckling to himself.  “Sirrah, no-one is paying us to ‘take you in.’ This is just a personal visit.”
A blinding light engulfed them all and the husband-wife pair found themselves standing alone in the warehouse.  “He’s… gone?” Xaon swore.  “Are you shitting me?” 
“Teleported out,” Elizabeth dropped to one knee and began disassembling her rifle.  “That’s new.”

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