FF#15 – 15 min. – No Inner Editor

The prompt: Turn off the inner editor!

“We’re just two sleepy people tonight,” Elisa murmured, snuggling into Jake’s shoulder.  Jake nodded and shifted so that his cheek rested more comfortably on her head.  “I can’t seem to wake up.”

“Too much in love to say goodnight,” he agreed.  “But I’m out of things to say.”

“This night has been incredible.  I didn’t think Paris was actually this romantic.  Thank you.”

Silence settled over the pair as the light from the full moon overhead embraced them with its proxy, the warm summer air of Paris.  The rain from earlier in the afternoon had gently washed the sky clean of its usual pollution and dampened the old buildings so that they were now veritably glowing.  Glistening beside the pair, an empty bottle of wine and two mostly-empty glasses told a story of newlywed toasts and fresh strawberries from the open market.  Around their silvery rims echoed the tinkle of silverware and the sounds of sweet laughter from the bride and her husband.

Elisa and Jake drowsed for a long time on the stone balcony of their historic hotel until finally they shook away their stupor long enough to enter their room and curl together for the first time in a luxurious bed.  Tomorrow their honeymoon would continue, but tonight they were just two sleepy people, too much in love to say goodnight.

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