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FF #13 – 15 min – Middle School Memories

Serena stood glaring down at Kevin O. as he lay curled into a tight ball on the tightly-carpeted floor of the gymnasium. “Say it again!” she shouted, her eyes brimming with angry tears.  “I fucking dare you to say it again!”  The miserable bastard made a noise–she couldn’t tell if it was laughter or something else– and said,

“I told him about last PE period… when you farted!”

Serena didn’t hesitate.  She aimed a kick at his unprotected groin from behind and he let out a whoosh and a groan.  “You…you….” There weren’t words for how angry she was, how impossible this stupid school was, how she wanted to put her hands around this twat’s throat and squeeze the life out of him.  The blood pounded behind her watery eyes and it took a moment for her to realize there was a hand on her shoulder.

Shit, PE coach.

“Is there a problem here?” the Bill Clinton look-alike frowned at her.  “Something we need to talk about?”

“No problem,” Serena said coolly, “Kevin tripped.”

The wad on the floor shook his head in protest.  Words were still beyond him.   Ha….

“Go change,” the coach ordered them both, waddling back to his seat. “Five minutes.”

“You tell what happened here, I’ll do it again.  Remember that.  I chased you down after you called me fat, after you threw balls at me and got everyone else to do it too.  I chased you down because you told my boyfriend I made a rude noise in this goddamn class.  You repeat yourself one more time and I will personally make sure you never have kids.”

It wasn’t that Serena was a bully.  She was actually a good person, but the new school and the daily tormenting by Kevin O. had pushed something so hard that she’d chosen today to snap and retaliate.  Thank God it was lunchtime next.  Today might be the day I burn this place to the ground.  Wonder how long it would take me to walk home.